45 #HowdyModi Organizers Backing Sri Preston Kulkarni

At least 45 organizers of “Howdy Modi,” the 22 September 2019 rockstar reception organized for India’s Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, Texas are also donors to Sri Preston Kulkarni, a candidate for US Congress in the Houston region who is accused of being propped up by the US wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh paramilitary, of which Modi is a life-long member.

Since 19 January 2018, the 45 organizers have collectively donated over $166,000 to Kulkarni’s campaign.

About $23,000 of that was before the 6 March 2018 primary election in which Kulkarni won the Democratic Party’s nomination.

About $71,000 was donated between the March primary and the 6 November 2018 general election. Kulkarni lost that election. He is now running his second campaign to represent Texas’s 22nd congressional district.

The donors include members from the “Howdy Modi”
– Committee Chair
– Patrons
– Honorary Committee Co-Chairs
– Honorary Committee Members
– Working Committee Members
– Organizing Committee

The official list of organizers can be found here.

#HowdyModi Lead Organizers List

The list of 45 organizers who have donated to Kulkarni, including names, amounts, and dates of donations, can be found here (PDF).

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