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July 2019 (The Wire)
BJP May Have Expelled Sunita Gaur, But it Has Always Rewarded Communal Violence

May 2019 (Areo)
Disaster for Democracy: How The Modi Wave Has Flooded India With Fascism

April 2019 (
How India’s Ruling Party Mobilizes Indian-Americans to Win Elections

April 2019 (
From Christchurch to India: How India’s RSS Inspires White Nationalist Violence
– (Spanish translation)

February 2019 (The Shillong Times)
Who Benefits From Pulwama?

February 2019 (
Pulwama: A Present Moment in the Longer Kashmir Story

September 2018 (The Citizen)
Rape and Power: Bishop Mulakkal’s Denial Could Be From Trump’s Playbook

September 2018 (The Citizen)
World Hindu Congress: Why Were Some Indian Americans Protesting Against The RSS?

September 2018 (
Hindutva’s Poisoned Fruit and the World Hindu Congress

September 2018 (
Fascist Hindu Nationalism Besieges India’s Minorities

May 2018 (Caravan Daily)
Bharat Bandh And the Dalit Struggle Against Dehumanization

September 2016 (
Genocidal Indian PM Preserves Culture of State-Sponsored Atrocities

June 2016 (
Breaking a Butterfly — Irom Sharmila’s Hunger-Strike for Justice in India

September 2015 (
#ModiFail Silicon Valley Protester Assaulted

August 2015 (India West)
First Asian in U.S. Congress Was a Sikh Inspired by Civil Rights Principles

August 2015 (Sikh Siyasat News)
Where is the Democracy in India?

February 2015 (Sikh Siyasat News)
Jaswant Singh Khalra Was Martyred for Exposing State-Sponsored Genocide in India

November 2004 (
Death and Democracy